4 Ways to Prevent Allergic Reactions in Your Dog

4 Ways to Prevent Allergic Reactions in Your Dog!


Although they may seem radically different from human beings in their physical construction, dogs suffer from many of the same health ailments that affect people. Allergies, or adverse reactions to certain common or uncommon substances, are one such example. A dog that has allergies will suffer not only from related health issues but also a lower quality of life. Here are some ways to help your dog deal with the problem.

Watching Their Diet

One major source of allergies for both humans and dogs is diet. People who have food allergies do very poorly when they ingest the materials to which they react — swelling and itching are common symptoms. In the worst case, even death can result. If your dog acts uncomfortable after eating the brand of food you commonly feed it, you should try buying a different type of food. If you want to be really safe, you can get your friend a hypoallergenic food blend guaranteed by the manufacturer to not cause reactions.

Seal the House

Again like humans, dogs can be allergic to external pollutants such as pollens, molds, or industrial byproducts in the atmosphere. If your dog is allergic to these kinds of things, you can help it out by finding ways to seal the house from outside air. Going over the window seams with caulk and weather stripping can stop many sources of contamination. While you have the caulk out, you can walk the side of the house and seal up any other cracks in the walls. Finally, check attics and chimneys to make sure they are secure.

Clearing the Air

Of course, however you try to stop the bad stuff from infecting your home, some amount of pollutants will inevitably get in the house. A reasonable amount of air pollution in your home is not the end of the world if you are prepared. Make sure your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (or HVAC) system’s filters are regularly changed, and keep your vents free of dust and dirt. Have your system serviced regularly by a technician to keep it in tip-top shape. If you have done all this and your air is still less fresh than you’d like, consider investing in a separate air filter to clear out rooms your pet is regularly in.

Changing Shampoos

A dog that has an allergic reaction will suffer not only from related health issues but also a lower quality of life.Here are ways to deal with the problem.

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One of the biggest problems for dogs is that their coats build up allergens, making them perpetually uncomfortable. Because regularly shaving your dog bare is likely not a reasonable option, you can shampoo it instead to get the bad stuff out. However, some shampoos are just as harsh as the contaminants they are intended to remove. Accordingly, if your dog shows signs of adverse reactions to a cleanser after a wash, you can switch brands to a hypoallergenic shampoo to be sure that your washing sessions help your furry buddy feel better.

Dogs don’t like allergies any more than humans do. Helping your canine companion avoid its allergies will earn you the love and gratitude of man’s best friend, which is its own reward.

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